A Photo Essay: Vermont, Fall 2014

Early October in Vermont is simply magical. I've spent a weekend in Vermont the last two Octobers.

In 2013, I was there slightly before peak the first weekend of October. A beautiful mixture of green, red, yellow, and orange in every direction. This year, I was there the 3rd weekend and it was a bit past peak. Far less greens, but many more bright yellows with a supporting cast of browns and oranges. And this year, we experienced the first snow of the season on Stratton Mountain.

We arrived very late on a cloudless night and were treated to a sky full of stars and a gorgeous crescent moon.

Orion's Belt

Up early the next morning before the sun, fog still locked in the mountains:

The sun brights up the area and burns off the early morning fog.

The next set of photos are a series of reflections in a shallow pond full of leaves. Often giving the impression of leaves on a tree.

Various spots around Stratton and Manchester:

County Road, Stratton Mountain

Just about time for these guys to head south.

The sun peaked through the clouds, eliminating segments of the nearby mountains.

A hike up Stratton Mountain on Sunday as the first snow began to change the landscape:

Clearing skies to the west provided beautiful scenes as autumn light lit up the surrounding area:

Targeting the second weekend of October in 2015.