A Photo Essay: NYC Sunrise from the George Washington Bridge

In early November, I got up early one morning to take pictures of the sunrise from the George Washington Bridge. This bridge, which opened in 1931, spans the Hudson River connecting Manhattan and New Jersey. It is said that General George Washington crossed the river here in 1776 when evaluating Manhattan during the Revolutionary War.

I've ridden my road bike across the bridge on many occasions and the view of Manhattan is spectacular. But, I never had my camera on those rides.

On this morning, I checked the weather then grabbed my camera and tripod and I was off on the 11 mile bike ride to the bridge. Hoping to arrive before the sun broke the horizon.

My timing was good and I had a couple of minutes to set up before the sun came up. I took pictures from the bridge and then crossed over to the New Jersey side and took more pictures from the Palisades Interstate Park in Fort Lee. Then I came back across the bridge and took a few more shots. 

These 25 pictures represent my favorites from that morning. Click on any picture for a full screen view.


One of my first shots of the morning. The view from the south side of the bridge, looking east to Upper Manhattan.


Manhattan stretching south. The first tall building in the distance is 432 Park Avenue which is located on East 56th St. The last tall building seen in this photo is One World Trade Center in the Financial District.


Here comes the sun! 


Within minutes the sun goes into hiding.


A fireball in the sky!


Geese skimming the Hudson River 604 feet below.


Pulling up the anchor.


One World Trade Center reflecting the early morning sun. The Statue of Liberty is visible, though just barely. It sits to the left of the tall black building on the New Jersey side of the Hudson. That building is known as 30 Hudson Street.


The sun brightens the sky above Manhattan.


The sun showering the landscape below.


Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse which was installed in 1921.


The George Washington Bridge from Palisades Interstate Park.


The first of many pictures from beneath the GW Bridge.


A stop on the GW Bridge as I head back across to Manhattan. Boats scar the Hudson as daylight brightens the entire area.


The sun cuts the pedestrian walkway in half, sun and shade.


A sign for those considering suicide. In 2012, 18 people threw themselves to their death from this bridge.


Fort Washington Park from the GW Bridge. Lower Manhattan in the distance.

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