A Photo Essay: Central Park - Fall 2014

The morning of October 25th, I got up before the sun and headed to Central Park camera and tripod in hand. My goal was to take pictures of the fall foliage within the park.

The foliage was not as advanced as I had hoped, however fall certainly had touched the park with many trees bleeding red and others screaming yellow and orange. 

It was simply amazing to spend a few early morning hours in the park on a perfect autumn Saturday. To see the highrise building along the perimeter of the park reflect the early morning light while the park was still dark. To be one of the few in places that become very crowded later in the day. To discover places within the park I've only seen in photographs. My hope is to go back once again before the leaves are gone.

I took over 500 pictures that day. Here are my favorite 25 pictures. Click on any of the images for a full screen view.


At the southern end of the park, Columbus Circle reflecting the early morning light from the horizon. 


The Mall


The Mall from the opposite side.


Bethesda Fountain.


Bethesda Fountain with the sun low in the sky


The Boathouse.


The Bow Bridge


The Bow Bridge and NYC skyline beyond.


The Bow Bridge.


Bethesda Fountain in the distance as well as the city below.