Travel Log - Part 1: My Summer in Europe 2013

This is multi-segment travel log documenting my summer adventures in Europe last summer. I hope you will follow along and share in my memories and photos from the best summer of my life!

This time last June I was on my way to Europe. Spain to be specific. 

After 7 amazing years at ESPN, it was time for me to move on. However, before I jumped into my next job, I was taking a little time for myself. I had worked for 17 years post-college and I was taking the summer to follow my true passion... travel. As far as I was concerned, work could wait.

I decided in short order that I was heading to Europe on a one-way ticket. I planned to return, I just didn't know when. Prior to my departure, my first 3 destinations were determined, but the rest of my trip was a blank canvas. I would start in Spain with time in Barcelona and Cadaqués before heading to Paris and Sicily. I would figure out the rest later.

I recall how excited I was as I headed to JFK to catch my flight. I felt as if I was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime gift to put myself first and unburden myself from the daily grind of work. Furthermore, I was extremely blessed as my mother was set to join me in Paris and Sicily. It would be her first time out of the country and I had the honor and privilege of traveling with her aboard and showing her some of my favorite cities. An honor worth its weight in gold!

My departure was delayed and we taxied on the runway for over an hour, but that allowed me to take in one last gorgeous NYC sunset from my window seat on American Airlines Flight 66. I had never left the US for longer than 26 days. This trip would certainly be longer and hopefully the best decision of my life. Tomorrow I wake up in Barcelona!

 No upgrade for me!

No upgrade for me!

Goodbye NYC and the US. See you when I see you.