A Photo Essay: A Stroll Through Williamsburg & Greenpoint

Spring is a special time in NYC, especially this year after a snow-filled and chilly winter. As temps warmed, I took a stroll through Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn on a gorgeous day in late March. While I've spent some time in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, I'm not nearly as familiar with these areas as I am with other parts of Brooklyn. So, exploring I went. Here's some of the interesting things I found along the way. I hope you enjoy!

Stickers, stickers, stickers - Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

A tree and light post dancing in McCarren Park, Williamsburg

Metal fencing in front of a row house in Greenpoint

Sweet Gum tree with gumballs that survived the winter - Java St, Greenpoint

Deteriorating graffiti on Java St

A gallery of pictures of the Empire State Building from the East River Waterfront in Greenpoint:

Homeless cat on Java St

Fantastic street art, sidewalk on Java St

Water tower near Milton St and Franklin St in Greenpoint

Amazing graffiti on Franklin St between Meserole Ave and N 15th St 

Interior of Dirck the Norseman in Greenpoint. A brewery (Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co)  and a restaurant. It's a great place for a beer in the late afternoon as the sun pours into the large glass garage doors.

An industrial lot in Greenpoint with a priceless view.

The council of the Manlift Straight Booms, Greenpoint

Graffiti - N 13th St in Greenpoint

The view of Brooklyn and Manhattan including the sunset from Ides Bar at Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg: