A Photo Essay: Central Park - Spring 2014

This past spring, I spent a couple of hours on a gorgeous spring day aimlessly walking through Central Park. It was late April and the weather was just starting to warm up. Trees were in bloom with color as young leaves and flowers filled the branches in every direction. The cycle of life was evident visibly and aromatically.

At the turn of each corner, one could find music, entertainers, artists, and people taking advantage of the kind weather after a long, hard, and cold winter.

Sheep Meadow:

Looking West-southwest from Sheep Meadow

A plane cuts the sky above the new One57 Condo Building

The lone flowering tree of Sheep Meadow

The Loeb Central Park Boathouse:

Reflection of the Boathouse in The Lake

A perfect day for a row boat on The Lake

Bethesda Fountain:

Central Park Street Performers at Bethesda Terrace:

Music at the Bethesda Terrace: 

Bubbles at Bethesda Terrace:

Onward to The Mall:

Wisteria Pergola:

Literary Walk:

And before you know it, you're back in the Concert Jungle:

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