Exploring London's Brixton Village

Contributor Editor: Emma Walton

The beautiful river that is the Thames, running straight through the centre of London, does funny things to people. Every Londoner I have ever met has pledged strong allegiance either to the North or South side of the river. For a lot of Londoners (myself included) venturing south of the river can be quite daunting. The north side is much more densely populated and houses most of the famous monuments and parks that London has to offer, because of this it has tube stops on every corner and buses zig-zagging from one landmark to the other. In north London you really feel at the heart of the hubbub and you quite simply can't get lost! The south by contrast is much quieter, has fewer tubes and is less overrun by tourists and money grabbing chain stores/restaurants. 

Brixton Village and Market Row is however, one community south of the river that everyone is willing to make the trek for! Just jump on the Victoria line all the way to Brixton - end of the line - and hop off for an assault on your senses. Expect all the colours of the rainbow, smells, sounds and food from all over the world.

Brixton Village used to be a run down arcade but has recently undergone a bit of a revival. Home to more than 20 cafés and restaurants, it is the place to go for fans of food and culture who don't want to spend a fortune.

Restaurant Honest Burgers, larder shop Cornercopia and café/bakery Wild Caper can all be found in Brixton Village or along Market Row so it really is a food lovers dream. Whether you're headed to Brixton for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is bound be to something to whet your appetite. 

What I really love about Brixton Village (aside from the food) is that it has a real community atmosphere. The revitalization at Brixton Village itself was all down to a campaign by local residents who had bright ideas and started their own businesses from within the arcade. Those involved in the market also put on regular live music nights, private parties and late night shopping events. Regular shoppers can even use the Brixton Pound - a private currency that helps money stay in the local community. 

If you're looking for the place that locals go to eat in London, look no further. Come for the brunch at Wild Caper, but stay for the privilege of becoming a part of the Brixton Pound.