North Carolina

Locally Experience... The Charlotte/Carolina BBQ Edition


Those of you who know me, know I'm from the south. Southeast Virginia to be more specific. I'm sure there are many out there who would argue that I'm not a true southern. They might say that Virginia is not the south and that anyone who has lived in NYC for the last 9 years could only be a northern. Putting the argument aside for a moment, my love for Carolina BBQ is true and undeniable.

Today I wrap up a 15-day stay in Charlotte where I tried to uncover the local experience. While I'll share other noteworthy discoveries on another blog update, today's piece is focused on Carolina BBQ.

Seeking the best BBQ, I consulted with friends and locals. During the course of my stay, I tried Queen City Q, Mac's Speed Shop and Midwood Smokehouse.

For me, pulled pork is the only way to go when it comes to BBQ. As far as the sides are concerned, I order based on the recommendation of my waiter/waitress. Thus, all 3 meals where pulled pork, one with a side of collard greens and the other two with a side of mac and cheese.

Hands down... Queen City Q was the best pulled pork sandwich and their mac and cheese was outstanding. Midwood Smokehouse was a close second and to my surprise, Mac's Speed Shop was a distant third place. The collard greens at Midwood Smokehouse were amazing though they fell short in comparison to what my grandmother used to make me.

In closing, two other undeniable facts... First, I'm excited to return home to NYC. However, and secondly, I will sorely miss the amazing southern food scene in Charlotte.

Do you have any Carolina BBQ recommendations?

Signing out from CLT, Cheers! 



My winner.... Queen City Q enjoyed at the home of the Charlotte Knights