Video Essay

A Video Essay: The NYC Subway System - The Conductor's View

One can't think of NYC without thinking of the MTA Subway system.  Next month, on Oct 27th, the NYC Subway turns 110 years old. This old lady is a vital part of the city carrying over 1.7 billion riders to their destination in 2013.

The NYC Subway has its pluses and minuses. It's largest plus in my opinion is its reach and the extensive network of stops especially compared to smaller systems such as DC, LA, and Atlanta. Sadly there are many minuses including the stops can be very hot during the summer with terrible odors, the trains overfill especially during peak travel hours on weekday mornings, and for some reason people feel it is okay to throw trash on the tracks. I thought the trash issue was a byproduct of living in a large city with a large subway system, but one could almost eat off the tracks on the London Underground system... not a sign of trash or rats anywhere on the tracks.

In my 10 years of living in NYC, I've never seen the underworld of NYC like I did a few weeks ago. Typically, there is a semi-transparent window at the front of the first car, however this time I had a clear window and my camera. So... Here's the conductor's view on the NYC Subway system.

I've sped up the portions in between subway stops by 2x.