L. E. Travel Tip: Thalassino Ageri

Chania is a gorgeous and vibrant port city in Crete with a long and rich history dating back to the Byzantine era. There are plenty of options for dinner along the port, however most of them feel a bit touristy. For the real local experience, you need to head a bit east to a neighborhood called Tabakaria. That is where you will find Θαλασσινό Αγέρι, otherwise known as Thalassino Ageri, a unique and picturesque waterfront restaurant.

Upon arrival, you will wonder if you are in the right place. The street is dimly lit and most of the neighboring waterfront buildings are empty and in various states of decay (most were tanneries from the 19th century). The night I arrived, the restaurant was very busy and no one greeted me. Thus, it felt less like a restaurant more more like I was joining a large greek family reunion.

There's indoor seating, but the tables on the beach are a must. The restaurant basically fits tables where they can on the beach between the waterfront buildings and the sea. Small wave breaks crashed against the ancient rock formations just a few feet from my table as I took in the view. The restaurant and the surrounding area were lit up beautifully creating a very romantic setting. The service was fantastic and the fish was fresh and delicious. I can easily say this was one of the most unique settings I've ever experienced for dinner. Oh, you should expect some wild cats on the beach, but they leave you alone if you don't feed them.

This spot shouldn't be missed!

A picture of the beach from the restaurant's website:


The dimly lit street as you approach the restaurant.

Dining on the beach with the old tanneries in the background