L. E Daily Tip: La Perle

In grieving the loss of a beautiful soul, I reflect on 3 wonderful days in Paris last summer where I got to spend a couple of amazing evenings with my dear friend. There is a wonderful cafe in Le Marais neighborhood where we met up time-and-time again called La Perle. To honor my friend's life, this is my tip for today because this spot truly embodies the fun-loving and beautifully eccentric spirit of my friend.

La Perle... let me start by saying that I've never tried their food. Let's be honest, people don't really go there for the food. The draw: the characters that hang out at this cafe and pour out onto the curbside and the atmosphere. A beautiful mix of locals and travelers from around the world. Professions range widely from screenwriters, actors, fashionistas, businessmen and woman, musicians, etc. Straight mingle beautifully with a mix of the LGBT community.

Come here for a drink in the early evening before dinner or after. Don't expect the best service, but expect lots of laughs and a very interesting evening on a lovely corner in Le Marais meeting amazing people from Paris and around the globe!