L. E. Daily Tip: NoDa Bodega

Today, it's all about sandwiches... unbelievably delicious sandwiches made with tremendous love!

During an extended stay in Charlotte last month, I was enjoying a couple of beers at a wonderful craft brewery called Birdsong Brewing Co. During a chat with the owner and one of her employees, I was tipped off to the NoDa Bodega located a few miles down the road. Both promised me this place made the best sandwiches in all of Charlotte.

The NoDa Bodega

Two days later, I drove out to the Bodega. The location is a little off the main strip of NoDa and is oddly located on a corner surrounded by homes. It looks like a basic corner shop, but it has a local twist including a variety of local beers and a small, but nice selection of artisan wines.

I ordered the Italian Stallion, a regular menu item, and the special of the day, the Phoenix. The sandwiches couldn't have been more different and I'm pretty sure they couldn't have been more delicious. Their sandwiches are exceptionally creative and were made with fresh ingredients and delicious meats. Each sandwich is literally a work of art. It easily took 5+ minutes to construct each sandwich including toasting. The end result was well worth the wait.

It is fair to say, my new friends at the brewery were spot on with their recommendation. Any future trip to Charlotte will definitely include at least one stop to the NoDa Bodega!