L. E. Daily Tip: The Best NYC Sunset!

For the best NYC sunset, you have to leave Manhattan and head over to Williamsburg. The L Train is an easy way to get there or a taxi if that line is not convenient for you. Head to the beautiful Wythe Hotel on 80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th St and ask the host(ess) for entry into The Ides Bar on the 6th floor. Try to get there about an hour or two before sunset and enjoy a couple of leisurely cocktails at the bar. The bar itself is inside, but it has a very nice outdoor patio attached. The backdrop of the bar is the beautiful Manhattan skyline. Hang at the bar or head outside to enjoy the sun and the unobstructed view. Enjoy the sunset as it dips behind the the city. Some nights are busier than others...  the crowd is a mix of locals and stylish tourists from around the world. Cheers!