L. E. Daily Tip: Mustapha Blaoui - Iconic Moroccan Shopping

Today's tip is focused on shopping... In-the-know travels know of the iconic shop Mustapha Blaoui in Marrakesh. This place is the quintessential Moroccan shopping experience! A must for any stay in Marrakesh! But don't go looking for it blindly on the streets of Marrakesh as this store doesn't have a sign outside the store (nor a website). Those seeking the floor-to-ceiling irresistibles within need to look for the two large wooden doors on Rue Bab Doukkala near #142/144.

The store is packed full of the best products made by local artisans including lamps, rugs, ceramics, glassware, blankets, jewelry, and more. They also have an amazing selection of antique furniture and unique items for the home. Those with the skill to bargain will be rewarded! And they ship internationally!

Just a small sampling of what lays within Mustapha Blaoui