L. E. Daily Tip: The Spotted Pig

Today's locally-focused tip is centered on the Spotted Pig in honor of its 10th anniversary this year. Longevity in the Big Apple is a very difficult proposition, especially in the restaurant business. However, the Spotted Pig continues to fill up on a nightly basis and has stayed relevant with locals and tourists alike. This corner pub heralded the concept of the Gastropub and the no reservation policy...  two trends that spread across NYC, the country, and major cities around the globe. 

The Spotted Pig is a great place for brunch, dinner, drinks at the bar (I prefer upstairs), and for late night drinking. They are best known for their chargrilled Roquefort burgers, but the gnudi is my favorite dish! Chef April Bloomfield is quoted as saying that she will eventually take it off the menu... thankfully that day has not yet come. If you haven't tried this dish, please make it priority #1.

If you love the Spotted Pig, give The Breslin Bar & Dining Room a try next time you are in midtown. Both are creations of Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield and both are 1-star Michelin restaurants. Other notable spots from this pair include Salvation Taco and John Dory Oyster Bar (awarded a two-stars review from the New York Times).