L. E. Daily Tips: A Frenchie's Must-haves in NYC

Profile: France C. - A Frenchwoman in NYC

I think it is fair to say the French know a thing or two about food and wine. Thus, today I profile a wonderful lady and a dear friend named France. She recently moved to NYC from London with her husband. France however is aptly named, as she is French born, raised, and educated.

Professionally, she is a talented freelance digital producer, but outside of the office she has a great appreciation for life in the city and a love for food, cooking, and wine. Thus, upon arriving in NYC last year, she quickly sought out her French staples. Here's a list of her recommendations from around the city:

Q: Let's start with the obvious... Where do you get your baguettes?

A: I buy my bread at Kayser, only for the Monge baguette or pain. Monge is actually the name of a little place in the 5th arrondissement, which I love. It's not far from the Sorbonne.

Q: The French also love their croissants, where do you get yours?

A: Yes we do. Balthazar is where I buy croissants. (Union Market in LES has very good croissants as well.)

Q: I personally love really good salt, especially for cooking. What do you use?

A: Big Salt from Guerande. It's really wonderful and you can get it at Sur La Table.

Q: Other French staples to share with our readers?

A: I get Maille Cornichons and Comte cheese at Union Market. They have a few great French products. And there is this delicious goat cheese (from Connecticut) at the Union Square Market on Mondays and Fridays. Also, A L'Olivier fig vinegar is really wonderful on salads and for cooking. I get it at Whole Foods.

Q:  As we both know, food in Paris is really wonderful. That being said, what are some areas where NYC shines?

A:  So far, I'd say that the sushi and Japanese cuisine is much better in NYC! I think NYC is an amazing place for exotic restaurants, which we lack in France. I also absolutely love the farmers markets and the heirloom tomatoes are outstanding.
I also love the variety of nuts, kale, and butternut squash you find in NYC! You just can’t find such varieties in France. I go to Chelsea Market's Nut Box to buy my nuts.

Q: Any unexpected finds in NYC?

A: Well, September Wine Shop is my go-to wine shop in my neighborhood. But, that’s not the unexpected part. What is however is a NY wine I tried there from the Brooklyn-based Red Hook Winery. I never would have guessed it was from NY. You must give it a try!

Oh and they do a Calvados ice cream at the Laboratorio del Gelato. It takes me back to my Normandy roots!


Thanks so much France for sharing your French favorites in NYC! Allez les Bleus!!!!

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