L. E. Daily Tip: Films on the Green

There's something really magical about grabbing a blanket, a couple of pillows, some vino, and food and heading to the park to catch a film. Even better on a perfect night weather-wise in NYC and with a great film.

The French Embassy is hosting a series of Films on the Green throughout NYC Parks May - September of this year. All the films are French and they are free. 

We arrived about an hour before showtime and a lot of the best seats were already taken. By showtime, the area around the temporary screen was packed with a couple hundred people. The city somehow seemed silent for the hour and a half long movie. I felt as if I were in a field in the middle of the countryside. 

We saw La Haine in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. A great film and a great evening. Check out the following site for the schedule and make sure you see at least one film: http://frenchculture.org/film-tv-and-new-media/festivals/films-green-2014.