L. E. Travel Tips: Muretinha da Urca - A Locals Favorite

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

Muretinha de Urca

One of the locals favorite spots in the south zone of Rio is a place called “Muretinha da Urca.” Located in the neighborhood of Urca, Muretinha da Urca still has some of the original architecture dating back to the years long gone by. The view from this spot includes the famous Sugarloaf Mountain and the sunset at Urca Beach. 

Despite the very unique horizon, the place is known as the perfect picture of the Carioca´s (native inhabitants) personality. At this spot, you can have a beer with your friends, either sitting along the wall or standing. The waitresses from the nearby Bar Urca brings you cold beers and also special local snacks. For the locals, the place is perfect for a nightcap after Bar Urca closes at 9 p.m. 

To reach Muretinha da Urca, it’s simple, especially if you’re staying in the main neighborhoods. There are three bus lines that take you there. The line 110 departs from the Central Station, while the 512 and 511 comes from Leblon, passing through Ipanema and Copacabana.

You can be sure that you will meet nice, local people and will be living the Local Experience, without a doubt.