L. E. Daily Tips: The Roof @ The Viceroy Hotel

In a city like NYC, rooftop bars are essential and highly sought after during the summer. There something serene about being above all of the craziness and noise of the packed streets and sidewalks. Add in some spectacular views, a little music, great furniture, and tasty food and drinks and you are that much closer to heaven.

The gorgeous view of Central Park from The Roof

I recently visited The Roof at Viceroy Hotel in NYC with some friends and was blown away by its commanding view of Central Park, Columbus Circle, 57th St below, and several other buildings that stand between Viceroy and Central Park including the new condo building One57 (where the Penthouse is selling for $90M+). 

The cocktails are pricey, but you can easily get wine or beer for the same prices people are paying at street level. This is an excellent spot to escape it all for a couple of post-work drinks or mid afternoon on the weekends. Just beat the crowd, get a seat and enjoy the view!

More pictures of the view from The Roof:

And the reflection on the Solow Building just down 57th St:

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