L. E. Travel Tip: Babylone Bis in Paris

Finding good, late night food in Paris is a far more difficult proposition than what I'm used to back home in NYC. On a recent extended stay in Paris, after some drinks at the Experimental Cocktail Club, my girlfriend and I were longing for a bite to eat before we called it a night. It was around midnight, so we didn't have high expectations. We had seen a couple interesting spots along the same street, Rue Saint-Sauveur, so we held out hope.

Sadly, most of the spots were closing up, though one of the more interesting looking spots still had a decent crowd and the staff seemed quite busy. We popped in hoping we might get lucky. The setting was perfect and the aroma was mouthwatering. All of this made it all the more difficult to accept that they were in fact closed.

We asked for a nearby recommendation and the waiter quickly recommended Babylone Bis. As he detailed the directions, the owner came in and said hello. I asked him independently where we should go and he too directed us to the same place. They said the cuisine was African (probably better described as Caribbean) and that they had the most amazing braised chicken and fish. They also went on to say that all of the stars, such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, and beyond, go there when in town.

After a short walk to this spot, also in the 2nd Arrondissement, we couldn't possibly be more hungry. As we approached the door, I was confused as there was no door knob and pushing the door didn't work. I looked for a doorbell, but the door simply opened before I could locate one. We were greeted and taken inside. The decor was African/Caribbean influenced and the place was basically empty. I recall thinking that the food would either be amazing or maybe this place was past its prime. 

However, later I found out that this place stays open until 8am and the crowds had not yet arrived. We quickly ordered the braised chicken to share. The smell of the chicken was only outdone by the taste. It was out of his world. The chicken came with three delicious sauces that made the dish even better. 

As the enjoyed our meal, the place slowly started to filled up, mostly with French-speaking parties. A spot well worth checking out on your next visit to the City of Lights.