L. E. Travel Tips: Bar Olivia Vermutería in Poble Sec

Contributing Editor: Michelle Fuhrer'Santini


Bar Olivia is a corner bar, a neighborhood bar and most importantly a ‘local’ Vermutería. This is a local woman whose interests are all in the niche and in the welcoming of guests- here expect to be timely surprised in regards to events, clientele, food and drink.

Again in district Poble Sec, street corners exceed character and surprise activity. For a recent example, I, one day returning from a weekly shop, passing- bags in hand, melodic music rang out from the bar and from sight a 3-piece blues band sat casually within the sofa area strumming content for theirs and for pleasures sake.

These affairs are normally spontaneous and unadvertised, this and as frequent I invite myself in and watch as others similar pass intrigued and discontinue their journey to revel and relax, patrons inside commonly sip a casa vermut or Estrella Galicia on tap or the rarer strong Estrella 1906 beer.

Olivia always prepares a small appetizer to accompany any drink you buy. Individual portion of Canapé or small soup, also unadvertised and each time ambrosial.

You can expect everything here to be homemade- the marinades, vermut, snacks- and if not totally, then embellished as such.

Most weekends have a DJ reviewing the ambiance, and daily she creates her own.

The interior is minimalist retro, vintage seat selection-anterior; the bar is seated with stools, and seats external plastic, collate and integrate guests as friends.

Decorated inside with soda distributors, signs baring neon and slogan visions and calculated local informative items inform visitors of local exhibits, papers and leaflets- here greatly the local supporting the local.

On frequent weekends she employs another refreshing local venture, hosting clientele as guest chefs. External support and passion creates an original experience and supports the idea of delicious quality in minor quantity. It is a scenario that engages all, through regards, proposition and execution.

Everyone in a sense goes here, the frequenter, the passer-by and the family-always congregated and a-mesh.

The weekend passed was a Belgium hombre, a familiar face to the bar and area, whom created a menu in relation to passion and the wants- a carte of vol-au-vent, veal meatball and chicken stew. At €8 for meal and drink, a Saturday lunchtime could not induce the weekend without more zeal.

Olivia's Is also a testament to the growth of using social media to connect personnel with your following. Her Facebook page is the up-to-date connection of ‘what is on’ and ever changing opening hours. If no desire for the connection, one should use the sun as a guide. If the sun is out, the seats are paved outside and Olivia's is open.

People always occupy here but in my personal acclaim not enough, this is a example and concept of locality and quality, worldwide few and afar. So occupy here, find and convey its existence to the more masses.