L. E. Travel Tip: Coffee at Café San Telmo, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

If you read my bio you will know that I'm addicted to coffee. This certainly is no secret for those who know me well. Thus, everywhere I go I try to feed this addiction properly. Attempting to find a coffee place that is comfortable and, of course, has a great cup of my favorite drink.

This week, I want to share a place called Café San Telmo, in the quiet, but beautiful city of Teresópolis. It is located up in the mountains in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about an hour and a half from the center of Rio.

If you know of the neighborhood San Telmo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Café San Telmo is a reference, almost a tribute to the bohemian part of the Argentinian capital. The antiques fair of San Telmo comes to mind when you step inside the café given the decoration and furniture within. In fact, some of the pieces inside the place were brought from San Telmo.

Once you take a seat, then the best part comes… the drink itself and a variety of variations. There is a tasting round, where every week they provide a different bean of coffee from all over the world. They also offer an interesting menu of drinks, most of which include coffee, with some amazing combinations. The regular coffee comes from the south of Minas Gerais, famous by their beans.

To top off the great experience, I was surprised when I saw they have a vinyl record player and a library of records which their clients can to play. And there is a very good variety of styles.

The owners, lovely people by the way, are hands-on with the business to guarantee the quality of the services. And they certainly reach their goal. The waiters and the professional baristas do an outstanding job.

Café San Telmo is a place I recommend with no fear.

The city of Teresópolis is located about  60 miles from Rio the capital and you can get there by car or a bus for 10USD. As I mentioned, it will take an hour and a half to get there, so you can spend the day in this amazing refugee up in the hills. The views are stunning.