L. E. Travel Tip: Caravela Gourmet - Beautiful Portuguese Wine Bar in Barcelona

Contributing Editor: Michelle Fuhrer


Portuguese establishments in Barcelona reveal the rise of the Latin within the Latin and bonding the Mediterranean and Adriatic. 'Caravela Gourmet' is an inception of just this, where customers are free to relax, buy a great wine by bottle, glass and even 'para llevar'. Bottles are adjusted, racketed, and exhibited.

The owner, Hugo Madeira, and bartenders are active advisories, ensuring on request that you have your taste, region, and preference adhered to, bottles are price tagged employing useful, aesthetic treats.

Caravela Gourmet is situated within easy 5 minute distance of Placa Espanya, a main hub of contemporary builds, traditional localities, iconic places and a playground of plenty.

Wine bought here by the bottle will have a €1 euro corking fee (which in comparison is very low to other establishments). Alongside the wine here offer suited accompaniments, popular Portuguese customary treats for example; Baclau (cod-cake), Azeitao cheese partnered with soda bread, served 'caliente', and a meaty spectacle called the flambéed chorizo.

Barcelona, in application to its personal history, visually establishments adhere to its surroundings. And a contagious trend in this city is to employ company wall space as temporary exhibit sites, where Carvela temporarily adorns it's entrance space with local artists handi-art, available to buy and in constant exchange.

The 'house art' that does remain permanent is that of an old Portuguese folklore. Linearly emblazoned onto the outer facade and immediate interior.

Caravelas venue is quieter within the week, but is a crowd favorite as the week draws to a close. A rare place that remains intimate even when in a group, and when alone a great spot to take yourself and recuperate. Customers seem to relay their custom and gain familiarity with the proprietor and staff enthusing enduring loyalty, relations, quality and price.

Some weekends see Carvela hosting as a music venue, morphing with ease and attracting further attention from passers-by and word of mouth, on this relatively quiet street. Music with a beat, I have experienced some dance engaging events. And as one is already engaging across Spanish and Portuguese cultures, you should gratify yourself further with their liquor selection. Amarguinha is a very cold almond liquor served with lemon, this is a habit forming sweet and sour drink, perfect with or as dessert. And of course, Port, red served solo and the blanco is also given a refreshing edge with lemon and ice. For a cool summers day, the culture of craft beer has extended far and wide and along with Portuguese 'Super bock' and 'Sagres' (the latter a little sweeter than the former) cervezas are also sold here.

Caravela is a place you are taken to and then you too extend the invitation. A unique taste of Portugal in Spain. I want to share this place as an extended thanks towards the existence of this type of establishment. Here, each visit, you can sense the authenticity of a man and his zeal.