L. E. Travel Tip: Delicious Burgers at Big Fernand in London

Contributing Editor: Emma Walton

Beef burger aficionados look no further. There is a burger chain in London that is quietly serving up some of the best meat patties in the city accompanied by exquisite french cheeses, finger licking good fries and all of your favourite French thirst quenchers like a bottle of bordeaux and of course orangina! (It wouldn't be a French restaurant without orangina now would it?)

The burger bar in question is the Big Fernand based just off of Percy Street, bang smack in between Tottenham Court Road and Goodget Street. With the burger chain sitting just a 10 minutes stroll from the centre of Oxford Street you'd think it would be buzzing on a Saturday but this restaurant is actually a very well kept secret.

Is everyone seriously eating at Pret or McDonalds?!

If the quiet spot doesn't tempt you away from the chain restaurants we all know and...don't love, then hopefully this will.

Big Fernand offers premium quality meat patties cooked exactly how you like it - if you want it burnt to a crisp they are more than willing to oblige, but if you'd prefer your meat blushing say no more! Each pattie is then topped with one of their signature sauces and one of four delicious french cheeses before being sandwiched between their house bun.

You can choose from 6 burger combinations carefully crafted by the Big Fernand team, or go rogue by building your own. There is something for everyone with beef, chicken, veal and lamb on the menu as well as a seriously impressive veggie burger called "Le Lucien" which my OH (the token vegetarian at the table) wouldn't stop raving about!

When it comes to sides there are two options, but only one really worth having (unless you're ordering both...) La Salade made of mesclun leaves, sun dried tomatoes and chives is tasty but a poor cousin compared to the homemade french chips sprinkled with their top secret home-made serving. I don't exaggerate when I say you will be licking your fingers to get every last tasty morsel from your mitts.

Have I convinced you yet? Go on, try Big Fernand for yourself. You won't be disappointed!