L. E. Travel Tip: El Pescadito Taquerias in Mexico City

Contributing Editor: Eddie Gamez

I am the biggest fish taco fan I know, so it was a magical moment when I had my first bite at El Pescadito Taquerias.

Unlike the simple fish tacos you often find, these tacos have a solid mix of chile relleno stuffed with cheese and covered in shrimp or sword fish. My favorites include the quesotote, which is a chile filled with cheese covered in shrimp, and the tacotote, which is a chile filled with marlin covered in shrimp.

Slicing up one of their delicious chile relleno.

Once you get your order, make your way to the elaborate salsa bar that has everything you need to enhance your fish tacos.

El Pescadito's Salsa Bar.

There are several in Mexico City, but I frequent the Condesa neighborhood location on Calle Atlixco 38 at the corner of Avenue Juan Escutia. This location opened about 3 years ago and Chef Juan has been working the disco (round grill) ever since. The garage door style walls give the place a relaxed vibe, where everything is open and you feel comfortable kicking back with a beer and spending some time with friends on a nice day.

Chef Juan working the grill, frying shrimp and chiles.

Disco grill at El Pescadito

If you go for lunch, there typically is  a line around the corner and down the block, so I recommend that you schedule an early or late visit.

Chef Juan taking a minute to chat.