L. E. Travel Tips: Rio’s Calabouço Rock & Roll Bar

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

If you love live music like I do, especially really good rock & roll, here’s a tip for Rio you simply can´t pass up. The Calabouço Rock & Roll Bar is a offers up great international rock & roll nightly in the land of the Samba.

Inside the Calabouço Rock & Roll Bar

Calabouço translates to dungeon in English and it couldn’t be a more appropriate name for this place. The red brick walls and low light creates a perfect dungeon-like atmosphere for live music.

They have a great selection of appetizers and sandwiches on their menu. My preference is the Calabouço Burger, which is a huge sandwich that can easily be shared by two people. Also notable is their amazing local and international beer selection, as well as their in-house cocktail menu.

Best part of it all is the music, of course. Every night there is live music, mostly the best cover bands of the greatest rock and roll bands filling this perfect setting.

Calabouço Bar is located in the traditional neighborhood of Tijuca, in the north zone of the city. It´s not far from the touristic areas of Rio and can easily be reached by bus or the Sans Pena subway station. A taxi from the main hotels and hostels doesn´t cost much either.

Calabouço Bar is my favorite place in all of Rio. Come and enjoy!