L. E. Travel Tip: La Bodegueta del Poble Sec

Contributing Editor: Michelle Fuhrer’Santini

The district of Poble Sec is an area of development, distinction, and innovation. From its boost in 1992, as a result of the Olympic Games, the area has experienced further growth, however this time independent of state and tax money.

A very short walk from the stadium, renovated abodes, eateries, wine bars, and creative hubs adorn the streets where all people rest and revel. Life here is still at a steady organic pace, where casual meets with flirtation and tradition meets trend. The truest gems are the in-famous corner haunts that have embedded their livelihoods into houses and neighborhood life. Past to present and consistently prime unobvious finds.

On Calle Blai, two streets from Poble Sec Metro, there is a restaurant called La Bodegueta. This spot is locally renown for its Spanish take on pork ribs and Crème Catalan. Most well regarded spots hone their own recipes and all items upon the menus are diluted forms of family recipes, or trade secret. Here especially is no different.

My aim in Barcelona is to try each and every Crème, wine, vermouth (vermut) and taste in this illustrative city. Thus, I now find myself at La Bodegueta. 

Once past the entrance, the characteristics are genuine and heartwarming, red checked ginghams that have inhabited child and grandmothers ideals for decades dress the tables, and barreled casks accompany the walls relayed layer upon layer.

Trinkets and the miscellaneous are defined in divergent harmony, monopolizing the décor and your interest while you sit. A view into the kitchen from the restaurant is always a tranquil, point of interest and authentic encounter, and here in this setting it seems to compose the restaurant further.

Browsing the varied menu it is traditionally experimental yet concise: fish with cava sauce, homemade sausage and ribs. Here known and a fortune told unto you that the locals are drawn here for their weekly/monthly pork rib resolve and golden lemon tinged crème catalan- both modern surprises and perfect dish to palette encounter.

From start to finish there is a steady flux of custom which tirelessly creates a well paced empirical, drawn from the meal service and spatiality.

Here I find myself inquiring unto others from the views over the tables vase of wine, viewing a comforting reassurance that it seems that each table is prepared to over order- and here all believe that misleading hunger pans, temptation, and salivation are almost a prerequisite.

Go here, over order, enjoy, and conversate then miscellaneously walk around this musing neighborhood full of near world icon attractions and smart local livelihoods.