L. E. Travel Tips: La Cave Bistro – Teresópolis

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

Back in Teresópolis, I’ve discovered an amazing french wine bar and bistro called La Cave Bistro. On a recent cold and windy Friday night and I was looking for something new in the city. As I searched on foot for a place to visit, I came across an inviting chalkboard sign in front of a bistro offering wine and live music. So, I thought I would give it a try.

At first I was surprised with the door and the entrance itself as it was clearly a reference to European medieval times. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a French cellar. Inside the Bistro, the space is cozy, comfortable, and has a familiar, yet romantic feel.

The brick walls are lined of wine bottles as if you were inside a real cellar. Instead of a wine list, you can peruse their collection and select the bottle of your choosing. Offering up a unique and enhanced experience from my point of view. The owners are always “in loco” or in the bistro to host clients and make sure everything is running smoothly.

As I enjoyed my wine, I asked Patricia, one of the owners, to bring the best dishes of the house. They started me off with a serving of mixed bread, Sicilian eggplant paste, and salmon pate. Followed by a Steak Tartar with potato chips. The choice for the main dish was a Gnocchi Funghi with white truffle oil. I was delighted by all of their food, but needed dessert to make it the perfect meal. And they exceeded my expectations with a wonderful Chocolate Fondant. All of this while enjoying some fantastic live music made it a perfect evening.

The prices are fair based on the quality of the food, wine, service, and the overall experience. It’s just another reason for those who live in Rio de Janeiro or traveling to Rio to take a trip to visit the lovely city of Teresópolis in the mountains.

La Cave Bistro is located on the main avenue once you get to the city just a few meters from the Higino da Silveira Square, at 499 Oliveira Botelho Avenue.