L. E. Travel Tips: Pie Corps - Greenpoint Brooklyn

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

A quick tip for those who love coffee, pastries, and pies. If you are in or around Greenpoint Brooklyn, there is a small place called Pie Corps that shouldn’t be missed! It's a boutique pie factory that sells fresh pies and pastries from their Greenpoint shop and also supplies them to locations in and around NYC. In a recent stay in NYC, it also happened to be my first stop every morning before I took the subway into Manhattan.

The pies are made on-site with local and natural ingredients, without preservatives. Upon your visit, you may even see bakers and confectioners in the shop working and preparing pies and breads.

They offer sweet and savory pies including 10” pies, 4" mini pies, hand pies, pie cooking classes, and even pie pops. The place is small, with only two tables facing the window. So, you most likely will get your coffee and pie to go!

I'm the kind of person who likes simplicity. However, at Pie Corps, simplicity stops when you first bite into their delicious pies.