L. E. Travel Tips: Pomar Orgânico in Rio de Janeiro

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

After some time away from my hometown, I find myself in a cozy and amazing place called Pomar Orgânico in Rio de Janeiro.

It seems the whole world is turning its attention to a healthier way of living and one of the most important aspects of this lifestyle is healthy eating.

This is Pomar Orgânico focus. Their owners founded the place based on the philosophy of “contribute for a healthier world.” I believe they are doing this perfectly.

The chef, Andrea Henrique, traveled the world searching for new recipes and ideas with a focus on healthy living and she brings the resulting raw, vegan, and vegetarian dishes to Pomar Orgânico.

Her employees work with passion, you can see in their faces they are extremely happy doing something very good for their clients and the planet. The quality of their raw materials is well controlled by professionals. The kitchen is clean and well equipped, always respecting sustainability.

The mission of Pomar Orgânico is “to target its activities on sustainability and respect for our planet, with love as the main ingredient of their dishes and life.”

Much thought and care also went into the design of the establishment which was inspired by a fruit ranch. The space is comfortable and the architecture is stunning, all the while bringing you peace while enjoying the food.

After your meal in the restaurant, I would recommend a visit to their attached grocery store to pick up some healthy food to take home with you.

Pomar Orgânico is located in the Itanhangá neighborhood, in between Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado. Two of the most beautiful and famous places in Rio.

If you care about the furture of our planet, sustainability, and tasteful and healthy food you can't miss this place when you come to the wonderful city of Rio.