L. E. Travel Tips: Restaurante Volta, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

If you desire genuine Brazilian gastronomy, in a very nice setting with great drinks, then you must give Restaurante Volta a try next time you are in Rio.

First, I have to tell you about Restaurante Volta’s décor as it is truly unique. It feels like a restored home, with a retro feel including furniture that takes you back to the 70´s and 80´s. All mixed perfectly to work harmoniously together.

The first floor consist of a series of tables and a bar, ideally set for couples seeking privacy and an intimate setting.

The second floor is more of a space to hang with family or friends. Tables are expansive and accommodate larger groups. This floor also offers a complete view of the open kitchen where one can easily see the focus placed on food preparation and cleanliness.

Volta Restaurant also offers outdoor space where you can enjoy the fresh air, which is perfect on a lovely night.

The menu is very unique and original. The chefs, twin brothers Juliana and Fernando Basile, originate from Spain. However, their menu remains true to Brazilian cuisine.

We tried several of their appetizer during my recent visit and each one was simply delicious. One could easily make their appetizers into dinner, but their entries shouldn’t be missed. Especially with dishes such as steak baked on low temperature with a mashed mango cream.

My companion and I loved the appetizers and entries, however an order of their mousse on sponge cake took us to the gates of heaven. Volta offers a fantastic list of craft beers and award winning cocktails, including the Serelepe, Bom pra Dedéu, and the non-alcoholic “Canarinho.”  

Beyond the food, drinks, and décor, I really like Restaurante Volta as it feels original and is a local scene. Furthermore, the prices are extremely fair and the staff is welcoming. 

The restaurant is located in the traditional neighborhood of Jardim Botânico, in the South Zone of Rio, in the corner of Visconde Carandaí, under the number 5.