L. E. Travel Tip: Roberta's Pizza, Brooklyn – NYC

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

I would like to share an amazing place I visited during my last trip to NYC. I love pizza and I’ve eaten pizza around the globe. I’ve even lived in Milan, Italy where you can find some of the best pizza in the world. However, Roberta’s in Brooklyn is a very unique and special place.

First of all, it’s located well outside of Manhattan and the more popular, mainstream areas of Brooklyn. Its remote location means the vast majority of the people there are locals.

When you first arrive, it is difficult to tell you are in front of a restaurant. It’s more like a bunker with a cinder block wall and a simple red “Roberta’s” sign above the door…. very discrete. This area is not like the East Village or similar areas where you see restaurant next to after restaurant, next to a bar. The surrounding area is made up largely of industrial buildings, warehouses, and the like.

The bar at Roberta's

Once inside, you leave your name on a list with the hostess. That’s right, there typically is a wait for a table. They only take reservations for groups of 10 or more. But in this case, waiting is not a bad thing. I will tell you why… while you wait, you are taken to a bar outside the main dining area in a tent-like structure. In this area, you can have a draft beer or a glass of wine and talk to friends. Furthermore, there are large tables in this area where you can join and meet other people.

When your table is ready, you feel like you could wait a little bit more… so nice to find such an atmosphere at a bar.

In the dinning room, there is a radio studio on air! You can see the broadcasters on air while you eat. The draft beer selection meets the high standard set by a restaurant in Brooklyn. The main subject, the pizza itself, I don´t need to say much. It simply is delicious! My favorite is the Margherita. 

 If you are in New York, please find Roberta's Pizza. You will not regret it.

The radio station booth at Roberta's