L. E. Travel Tips: Tacos Del Campion in Mexico City

Contributing Editor: Eddie Gamez

Experience has taught me that no matter where you may be, a full restaurant is a good indicator of what to expect as far as the quality of the food. This lesson applies to street vendors as well. 

At lunch time, on the corner of Nuevo Leon Avenue and Michoacan Avenue on the edge of the Condesa neighborhood, you’ll find long lines of people waiting to grab lunch from a street-side taco stand.

Victor Navarrete and his family operation with a line that stretches off into the distance.

This stand is owned and operated by Victor Navarrete and his family. Victor tells me the name of his stand is Tacos Del Campion, though this isn't evident on the the stand nor are any of his customers of this name. It is clear based on the crowds of people standing against the wall while they eat, that they come for the delicious food, not a name.   

Navarrete and his family are known for tacos campechano, which are about three times the size of your typical street taco. The tortillas are made on site by Mrs. Navarrete and hold a full slice of skirt steak, as opposed to the diced up meat you’ll find at other stands. From there you have the option to add cheese, potatoes, onions, cilantro, and hot (green) or really hot (red) salsa. Then grab a coke and post up against the wall with everyone else.


Along with tacos, they serve floutas and gorditas, but don’t go with either of those until you try their flagship taco campechano. Hours are roughly 11 – 5p.