L. E. Travel Tips: The best crepes in Paris at Place de la Concorde

Contributing Editor: Anne Bet

Just as a tantalizing book brings you to the pinnacle of intertwined plot lines, so leads the interleaving paths of the Louvre's lavishly sculpted gardens to the height of culinary indulgence: Place de la Concorde Crêpes and Waffles (Concorde, Metro lines 1, 8, 12).

Indeed, any meandering stroll through Parisian streets will eventually land your gaze on pastry-filled bakeries, but this tale of adventure began with a mission: to find the best crêpe vendor in Paris.

While the traditional crepe is doused with sugar and splashed with lemon juice, a good purveyor of crêpes offers combinations of either salty or sweet toppings, such as ham or chicken with cheese, apple or apricot compote, whipped cream, coconut, banana, and a personal favorite, banana and Nutella. 

So what makes a Place de la Concorde crêpe an instant French classic? Beyond the quality, variety, and ambience, their price is low (3€) and along with location this keeps the volume high, which means their ingredients are always fresh. If you're visiting the Louvre or relaxing by the Tuileries duck ponds, don't hesitate to try a handcrafted, mouth-watering bestseller!