L.E. Travel Tip: Reserva T. T. Burger in Rio de Janeiro

Contributing Editor: Leonardo Tupper

After some time away, Leo is back and this time I´m bringing a Brazilian bombshell... A delicious and unique Brazilian burger.

While out on a recent stroll, I came across a place called Reserva T.T. Burger. It´s a burger house, launched by two partners that wanted to create a genuine Brazilian burger recipe. The team consists of Chef Thomas Troisgros and businessman Rony Meisler, who owns a famous fashion brand called Reserva. They united their know-how and created the first 100% Brazilian Burger house called T.T. Burger.

As for their burger, the first words that came to mind after my first bite included amazing, delicious, wow, WTF, and oh so very good. A fantastic burger! I can say it was one of the best burgers I’ve had in life, if not the best.

The T.T. Burger includes 200g grams of meat, cheese half melted, fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce, pickles, crunchy chayote, and sweet handmade potato bread. This bread is produced by a social project from the community of Complexo do Alemão. What is nice from them is the sense of responsibility with environmental and social causes. 

Another secret is a Chef Troisgros´ family recipe which includes a mixed blend of Brazilian meat (chuck, skirt steak, and ribeye) and his mayonnaise-based T.T. sauce. Additionally, the guava ketchup replaces the traditional tomato ketchup. It taste half sweet, half salty and similar to a barbecue sauce with a light guava taste at the end. 

While at T.T. Burger, don’t miss the "sacode de leite", world renown as a milkshake, and the "Xodó da Casa" which is a secret and an exclusive ingredient and they offer a unique variation at each of their locations. 

The place itself is well decorated, comfortable, and original. I visited the Olegário Store at Barra da Tijuca which is their newest location in Rio. I've learned that each store has it's own personality. This one has a Hawaiian canoe decor, while the first store in Arpoador has a bike theme and the Leblon store has a skateboard decor. All signed by the reputed architect Ricardo Hachyia. 

They have an open kitchen, thus you can see your burger as it is made. Service is clearly a point of focus as all the cooks are well dressed and clean, and the waiters and cashiers are friendly.  

T.T Burgers was a surprise to me and I now know I waited too long to try it. I can´t wait to taste that flavor again. 

As mentioned before, you can find them at 3 spots in Rio:

  • Francisco Otaviano, 67. Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro
  • Ataulfo de Paiva, 1240. Leblon, Rio de Janeiro
  • Olegário Maciel, 460, Loja D. Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro