L. E. Travel Tips: XXIII Guitarras in Sants-Montjuïc, Barcelona

Contributing Editor: Michelle Fuhrer'Santini

Evening entertainment in Barcelona is a strong source of interest, magazines and periodicals have a broad overview of the cities 'happenings.' However, I find the best way to discover a great event is to search local chalkboards and advertisements that catch your eye or sometimes better so via word of an amigos mouth.

Walking past a bar unknown to me on a far corner of a near neighborhood, I found XXIII Guitarras. Standing outside, I was interested by the guitar paraphernalia and then took a minute to glance at its chalkboard, here depicted a month long of events.

After venturing inside, the decorative paraphernalia outside of the bar continues and resonates within the style of its regular hired musicians. More instruments and guitars hang internal, nothing impeccable or cool, but fairy lights light up the corners and reveal the players next to floored vintage mirrors and the ambiance is that to pacify the incoming; Relaxed and a very easy to enjoy.

Investigating the upcoming events on the chalkboard… ‘language exchange games’ which here in Barcelona guarantees to bring in eager local and expat crowds. Also, piquing my interest was 'jam poetica' which was described as musical and vocal poetry, local or not, just expressive, words and semantics, aloud.

Far from the restrictions of rock or guitar typical, another intriguing event is a presentation of 'pop flamenco.' This event I believe has to be experienced to be written further about.

Forward-thinking, the weekend was approaching with no personal prospects and Saturday’s affair of 'piano and drums' caught my eye’s attention.

Saturday night came and the 11pm stage time approached. Walking into the bar, I felt a wave of sincere musical appreciation from the guests around me. The intrigue that surrounded the musical context was maybe what drew in the basic crowd and had many calling their friends to come quick. The content and quality of the two artists, drum and piano, was almost breathtaking.

These kinds of events are few and far in between and I am urging myself to investigate more of this venue's chalkboard events.

The drinks are simple with an uncomplicated cocktail menu or beer is advisable. This evening I opted for a classic summer drink, 'clara' which is beer and lemon, normally drank within the daytime or a pre-drink drink for the Spanish masses.

Passing within the daytime hours, XXIII Guitarras is open, yet quieter. Here is a base open for those that 'know' or those residing in proximity and here after midnight for friends the music lover or for the understated ambiance seekers.

The establishment's Facebook page is a source of further information.

Muscafilms filmed the show at XXIII Guitarras and were kind enough to provide us with this video of the concert: