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Planning a trip? Want to see the major sights, but also seeking to connect with the city and its people like a local? Want to know where the locals go for dinner, drinks, shopping, and beyond? Our customized Trip Curation Service is the answer. 


Our service:

Let our team curate your next trip based on your travel priorities and interests. We will pull together a plan based on your travel priorities that includes your must-see list and seamlessly weave in a series of locally-focused recommendations so you get the most out of your travel experience.


Our approach:

We will listen to you and work with you to develop a plan that meet your needs. We do not prescribe an hour-by-hour plan for your trip as we believe that is too limiting and takes away from the experience. Instead, we will provide you with a plan for each day with specific recommendations and alternative options including the best neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, museums, exhibits, etc. We will iterate the plan based on your feedback and work within your budget.

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Brad's help in organizing our trip to Istanbul was fantastic: we had a great time and the places he found and booked for us were spot on and I would have not stumbled across them without his help. We were a group of 17 guys on a stag weekend, so finding the right places where we could eat, drink and have a good time was not a straight-forward request, but Brad listened to what I was looking for, found a number of great options and was very helpful in booking up the places I chose, organizing the deposits that needed to be paid and haggled a good price when needed! Top work, great value and I would recommend his services to anyone. 

Fred J., London, Feb 2015

We used your recommendations for our days in Rome... Everything was wonderful, and your recommendations were right on point. We had a wonderful time, thank you again for all your recommendations of places to see and restaurants to visit.

Meghan R., DC, Nov 2014

We knew where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do but we really needed someone to help make that a reality. That is why we reached out to Locally Experienced. We were planning a pretty big adventure for our honeymoon going to the other side of the world to places neither of us had ever been: Victoria Falls, Botswana, and Seychelles. Brad jumped right in and started working on the itinerary, ensuring that we would make the most of our trip the minute we got there. After his initial research, he recommended we start off in Victoria Falls to ease into our trip since we'd be experiencing jetlag. It was a great suggestion and we were able to kick things off with an amazing experience watching one of the seven wonders of the world. Then heading to a week of Safari in Botswana followed by another week in Seychelles. We had a total of eleven flights through our trip and Brad ensured that everything was well documented and finalized with the various travel companies. He also worked closely with us regarding our budget and made sure we were getting the best value, but still staying within our requirements of luxury and exclusivity. We had an incredible, unforgettable experience and are so fortunate to have had Brad's assistance throughout the process. We highly recommend his service and cannot wait for our next holiday.

Swati and Laurent, NYC, Fall 2014

I love NYC and visit at least once or twice a year. Before each visit, I always reach out to Brad to get recommendations on the new hot spots, the best restaurants and bars, and the must-do activities. Brad is extremely knowledgeable and always knows exactly what I'm looking for when I visit the Big Apple. He comes highly recommended!  

Francesca S., Toronto, Canada., Spring 2014

NYC has been my home for all of my life, however I frequently turn to Brad for his expertise on the restaurant scene in NYC. Be it dinner with visiting family members or a night out with my wife or with friends, Brad always provides the best recommendations. He's services are highly recommended!

Jack D., NYC, Summer 2014

I opted to use Brad's trip curation service for a trip I planned to take with my mother - The first time for both of us in Paris!  The level of detail and options Brad suggested were perfect based on the activity level my mother and I were interested in doing.  It allowed us to follow a path between eating and restaurants and sightseeing, or pick and choose.  The latter was made supremely easy with information on where everything was in relation to other spots mentioned in the curation detail.  Our trip was short - only 3 days, but we hit a number of the spots from Brad's list and the restaurants were spot on and delicious, the detail and recommendations on sightseeing locations perfect as well.  I loved that it wasn't completely focused on touristy spots too.  Of course, there were can't-miss items that were obviously touristy, but we also got out of the way and spent some time at smaller, local places too.  I definitely would use Brad's service again and recommend it highly!

Amanda W., NYC, Summer 2014